Why You Do not Need to be the “Purple Cow” in Business

Seth Godin the famous internet marketer said – be the purple cow to attract attention in business.

Good advice. Being a purple cow certainly attracts attention. But do your business really needs to be the purple cow in business?

What did Seth really meant when he wanted you to be the purple cow? Do something differently which no one else is doing? Or do something extraordinary that will attract attention?

Doing something differently is certainly something small businesses can consider. But what is the point? Is doing something differently really needed at all? What does the market say? Are you putting yourself at a disadvantage by doing something differently.

You see it is all about the market. Without any market demand the effort to do something differently will fizzle out fast. The initial attention you grab will not continue.

Doing something extraordinary takes time and effort. Small business owners are hard pressed for both. They can not come up with ideas that are both lost cost and are extraordinary. It is all a pipe dream and not applicable in mom and pop businesses.

What businesses need are application of solid standard principles. Honesty, hard work and perseverance.

Many businesses operate without any procedure at all. There is no manual to operate, no system to work with and above all the perseverance is not there.

Stand out from the crowd by offering quality good or services with reasonable price. Remain honest throughout. Keep reinvesting and expanding your business with solid business practices.

Gimmicks are fine up to a point. They deliver traffic and expose your brand. But after that it is all your effort. Gimmicks cannot sustain a business.

Purple cows attract people but if the cow does not give milk then what is the point?

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