What it Takes to be a Good Business Owner

Business owners are normal people with that extra motivation!

Are you able to motivate yourself daily to achieve your goals? There are often no set deadlines or guidelines dictating when a task must be completed. So are you able to pull yourself up to face it?

This is crucial as you will often need to fire yourself up to complete a task!

Passion for the business

How passionate are you about your product or service?

A belief in what you are selling automatically communicates to your customers. They can feel the passion!

I am passionate about my product or service because I believe it is the best solution for the needs of my customers.

I take pride in the quality and attention to detail that goes into delivering a great customer experience.

My product reflects my commitment to creating something that adds value and makes the lives of my customers easier.

I enjoy engaging with my customers to ensure they are getting the best possible experience.

I am motivated to continue finding new ways to improve my product and service and will continue to strive to exceed customer expectations.

Do you tick all the boxes? If yes, then probably you are going to stick around for a long time!

Creative thinking

How creative are you when it comes to finding offbeat solutions to a problem?

Businesses often face unique problems that needs unique strategies and solutions. Can you come up with solution when the situation demands it? What is your track record?

If you have been known as a problem solver in the past then there is a good chance that you are qualified to run management!

Open mind

Do you have an open mind about everything in life?

It is seen that successful business owners are often open to new ideas and willing to learn from the mistakes of others.


Have you seen any un-reliable person as a successful business owner?

Business succeed for many reasons, but un-reliability is not one of them. Similarly businesses fail for many reasons and un-reliability is one of them!

Your ability to be reliable to your customers and team members will determine how much your business will grow!

Risk tolerance

Businesses are risky!

You do not get a guaranteed pay check at the end of every month! Worse, except bills to pay, there may not be any pay check at all!

Can you handle not getting paid, despite your best efforts?

As I stated, business is a long term game and there will be ups and downs, sometime for a prolonged period of time.

Do you have the faith to ride over the risks?


Business environments can change quickly! Changing market conditions and customer needs can put tremendous pressure on any business.

Are you prepared for the ride?


Can not emphasize this point enough! When going gets tough the tough gets going! This is an adage that holds very very true for a business owner!

Above all qualities, you will need persistence! Things may not work out, business can suffer loss, business environment can change quickly… the list goes on. But your ability to persist will define your business in the long run!

Are you a person that never gives up? If yes, then you have a very good chance to make it a success as a business owner!