Want to be an IT Professional? Learn Tricks of the Trade at Ameerpet!

The MBA class that I took was outdated. I am not sure how many MBA classes are like that, but majority of the educational institutes in India from Govt. bodies are pretty disappointing!

MCAs pass out and look for a job, only to find that their skills do not match the real world! So is the case with Engineering graduates and graduates in other disciplines fare no better.

Where do people learn to be job ready and gain some practical knowledge at an affordable rate?

I was strolling around in the Ameerpet area of Hyderabad after meeting someone for some work when I noticed several big banners announcing some Java and SAP classes.

Further down the road the banners and hoardings increased in number showing ads for various coaching classes. Wow, I thought! so many coaching classes in one place!

As I went on, the numbers increased further. Entire buildings were full of banners and ads for various IT related classes.

The road bifurcated and there were lanes and those were also full of coaching classes! And in between were hoardings for various PG and Girls and Boys hostels.

Out of curiosity I enquired about the place and came to know that this area is world famous for it coaching classes in IT subjects.

Students from all over the world come here to get training. And that too at a fraction of the cost they would have paid in a regular institute!!

Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the world famous institutes of Ameerpet where people are trained to be market ready in the mostly IT world!

Actually to be fair, Ameerpet hosts other classes too. Classes in English Speaking, Written Communication, MBA finishing classes and so on. But the majority of the courses are in IT field.

The courses offered at Ameertpet differ from the regular institutes in that they are usually geared towards giving knowledge that is more towards what is required in the real world.

The regular institutes elsewhere waste valuable time in curriculum that is outdated and is not used anymore! Not so with the courses at Ameerpet.

They take pains to keep abreast of what is happening out there and then upgrade their offerings. You will get the latest cutting edge knowledge about your chosen area of expertise.

What is more, these courses are offered at dirt cheap prices compared to the regular institute. For example, a full stack Java course will cost you around Rs. 5000 – Rs. 7000 only!

Another thing is these courses are crash courses. What is taken 3 years elsewhere will be packed into a 3 months course at Ameerpet! And 1 year course will be compressed to 20 – 30 days crash course!

There are courses that can be completed within a week too!!

Many students from all over India and even abroad land here to take training due to the cheap prices and compressed nature of the courses. Student who do not get entry in regular classes but has the passion, land up in Ameerpet!

There are international students too! I have seen Nigerian students taking chip level repairing classes. And Sri Lankan student taking digital marketing classes!

One student said that his motivation in coming to Ameerpet ( he is from Orissa) is to learn what he missed in an Engineering Institute and he will go back and apply for jobs in his native state.

He is not the only one. Several students came forward with the same story. They came here because either they did not get admission in a regular institute or that there is no such training in native states and majority are looking to be market ready!

The main building ( if it can be called that) is littered with hardware shops offering from new desktop PCs to latest Ipads and chip level repairing of laptops and mobile phones.

All in all, this are is a neat bundled microcosm of all hardware and software that you can imagine!

I had some time to reflect on this current state of affairs there when I came back to my hotel room. There are things that I want to share with all my readers.

First the pros – it is a great place for anyone interested in software or hardware training. Courses are cheap, compressed and updated in time (at least that is what I personally observed ). You get good orientation at affordable prices.

Next, the cons – though I like crash courses, they are not best for understanding the concepts behind any technology.

Newcomers can not expect to learn here and land any job, though that is what these courses seem to offer!! You get to know the market demand and the things that are required practically, but that will work only if you have prior experience in the field.

My thinking is that these courses are great for working professionals. You get to save time and money. You get to learn what is going on in your chosen field and also get market orientation.

Newcomers will do well to keep in mind that there is no alternative to years of hard work in understanding technology. These course give them a direction. Now they should practice on it and gain experience. That is the right way to gain credibility in any field and crack a job interview!

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