Tea Stall as a Viable Means of Earning in Lieu of Job

I was conducting a research on this topic for a month or so.

The city where I live has numerous tea stall vendors. I used to take my morning tea from such a vendor when I was younger.

I used to go to office and have tea from the same vendor for 3 years. The vendor had a big basket of tea cup which emptied 3 to 4 times in the course of the day.

I did not think much about that at that time as I was busy with office work but recently this thought caught up with me to conduct a survey to know the income of a tea stall vendor!

The results surprised me!

Let me tell you that I live in a metro city. Naturally it is densely populated like any other Indian metro city with some 1.5 – 2 crores of people. But I have been to 2nd tier cities and towns and even to smaller regions and the amount of money tea stall vendors make falls a bit there but not much.

Tea is something consumed by almost every Indian. We drink tea in the morning and evening and sometimes in between! This liquor has become sort of staple for all of us.

In this scenario it makes sense that tea will be sold wherever it is produced. Tea vendors take advantage of this to make money!

What does it take to make a cup of tea? Powered tea leaves, some sugar, water and milk. It takes around Rs. 4 – Rs. 5 to make a cup of tea including the charges for gas.

Tea vendors sell that cup for around Rs. 10 making a tidy profit of Rs. 5. Depending on the location of the stall, various quantities of tea cups are sold.

In big metro cities the average number of cups can be up to 1000 in a office and business streets and 500 – 600 for streets in residential areas. Mind you these are tentative numbers only based on my own assumptions and the actual figures may fluctuate.

The vendor I drank tea from sat in a semi busy street and sold around 700 cups everyday earning him 700 x 5 = 3500 in profit everyday!

In one small town, one tea vendor sold around 150 – 200 cups of tea at Rs. 10 per cup, that is 175 x 5 = Rs. 875 in profit, if you take the average, higher than any mid level executive job salary!

I guess in 2nd tier cities too the figure will be something around Rs. 1500 – Rs. 2000 which is enough to sustain a family of four!

Some observations I have made –

I have seen that typically people who keep the environment neat and clean earn more that people who do not. Keeping a constant taste attracts more customers. Behavior is important. Polite and jolly behavior gets more people.

Why run after a job when you have an alternative to earn more as a tea stall vendor. No work is small and it is high time that our young work force realizes this puts some effort to learn and earn from such small businesses.

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