Small Business Owners – You Do Not Need a Digital Marketing Company

You really do not need an online marketing company to promote your small business.

A digital marketing company sells you dreams that are mostly unattainable. They promise you stuff that cannot be fulfilled. The returns from the actions of a marketing company are minimal for your business.

I have been the service manager for such a company for 6 years. I know what is going on behind the scenes.

The company I worked for would promise the heaven to customers. They would charge hefty campaign fee and charges. And when it comes time to deliver they would offer the same standard meaningless stuff and mask it all up with a nice formatted report card!

I was fed up to such an extent over the years that at last I quit and started my own freelancing career!

Let us look at what the marketing company delivered and I am 100% sure that most companies offer the same meaningless services.

First the proposal. What is in the proposal? If you are lucky then the team will want to know what are your objectives. In my knowledge around 80% of companies start right away without waiting for any feedback from client!

Then if your objectives are clear and precise then it will go straight to dustbin! Yes, that is the truth! Very few clients check up or review the points they raised in objectives document and marketing companies take advantage of that.

Even if some people ask, then the feedback is masked with meaningless parameters that the client will be hard pressed to understand!

Next, the actual work conducted by such companies falls far short of what they are doing. If they are promising you traffic then you will traffic from dubious sources which is handled by spammy software, but since you are not techy, you will not know the difference.

If they are promising you ranking then beware. In the pursuit of getting high ranking in search engines they employee tactics which can draw heavy filtering by search engines ( specially Google ) and it will do more harm to your business site then good.

No one can guarantee higher rankings in search engines. It is false advertising.

Say you are looking for higher number of social followers. Then these companies will buy accounts from scammy providers and provide to your account. These accounts are basically useless accounts that will sit idle and do nothing.

The number of digital marketing companies doing it the right way are far few in number.

Online marketing is not a rocket science. It is simple. Marketer love to guise it up with buzzwords so that they can make money sounding authentic.

Real online marketing consists of following the guidelines of offline marketing – good product, cleanliness, prompt action, customer friendly – and the basic rules set out by Google which is freely available.

It takes only 30 mins to go through everything set out by Google. Follow that and your business site is already set. Rest is just going along sound marketing principles of offline marketing.

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