My Harrowing Experience with OYO Rooms in Bengaluru

I planned a trip to Bangalore on 16th February 2022. I booked ticket on goIndigo. I did not book a hotel because usually I book hotels After arriving at a city.

So I arrived in Bangalore and booked a hotel via It was an OYO room located in AVS Layout area.

Fine. I booked a cab (Ola) and headed for the area. The driver dropped me at the area and left.

Meantime I was trying to contact the hotel room. The number they gave me did not work. I contacted OYO Rooms. After a lengthy Press this, Press that thing they hung up! Yes. They simply hung up.

I was surprised. It was the first time a corporate entity in the hotel chain business behaved like this.

I tried to contact OYO Rooms again. This time one lady answered and said that they are transfering the call and then cut the line! I tried again, they simply cut my line again without answering! It was unbelievable!! I tried some 10 – 12 times. Each time they hang up on me without bothering to reply!!

It was insane!

I had now nowhere to contact. Panicking, I opened the booking confirmation page again and this time saw that they have provided a link to chat.

I opened chat and registered my complain. One guy chipped in to say that OYO was sorry for my inconvenience! I was super irritated by that time and gave them a piece of my mind. They simply hung up again without even bothering to ask where I was and how to reach the property.

I was totally fed up by that time. It was already 2 hours that I have been making to and fro in the AVS layout area asking people how to reach the address. Surprisingly noone seemed to know!!

Then a guy informed me that there was an OYO in the vicinity and I can contact them. I went there and the gentlemen there took pains to contact the area manager of OYO and gave me his contact information.

When I called the area manager, he also did not know the ID of the said hotel!!

I was considering booking another hotel when a waiter boy told me that there was an OYO just around the corner and it fits the description!

I picked up my things and went searching for the new hotel. It was not easy tugging along heavy luggage in the road but I was determined to find the hotel. When I was in the midway, some guy phoned from the hotel and informed me that I was coming to the correct location and that he was contacted by the area manager!!

At last after repeated exchanges with the guy who gave me directions, I arrived at the hotel, totally exhausted!!

It was an ordeal I will not forget quickly.

Now the thing is that, in another one my articles, I have mentioned how OYO is giving membership to just anyone without checking quality.

This one another example of their supreme negligence, and why I think they will go down pretty soon.

The amount of trouble it took me to find a hotel was beyond surprising. The number listed in their conformation address was wrong. Their support team is sabotaging them badly. They do not pick up support calls. This is super bad.

In the hotel and tourism industry experience is everything. OYO is delivering a super bad experience to customers in the name of budget hotels.

Their flagship hotels do not need to be mentioned here. This was a flagship hotel. I checked in and felt like checking out immediately. The TV was there minus any box or connection. The room walls were not clean. There was no soap in the bathroom. There were no hangers in the wardrobe. Where is the standard welcome kit? The staff seemed ill trained.

It seems OYO has given up on providing even the basics in customer experience. All they now want are profits.

In the name of budget hotels, what OYO is providing is a terrible experience. It is the right time for any competitor to take notice and ramp up their own efforts to provide a smooth user experience! The time and market is ripe!!

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