How to Write a Business Plan

I learnt about writing a business plan in my MBA class. I was working in a company as a project manager at that time, so I had the idea of a business from operational point of view, but the wholistic view was not clear.

The business plan class was not up to date. They teacher recited something learnt from books and then the class ended.

Later when I started my own business, I came to realize the importance of a business plan. The lessons learnt in the class were ok but there is so much more to a business plan.

In this tutorial I am going to give you the nuts and bolts of a business plan from a business owner perspective.

The entire lesson is broken down to smaller units for easy reading. I have tried to create each unit as self contained, so you can move to any unit at any point of time and then come back to a particular unit that needs more time.

Without much ado, let us dive right in!