How to Create a Job Guaranteed Training Course

You must have seen those ads offering a guaranteed job after taking a training.

How does they do it? Where do they get jobs to give students? How can they generate jobs for their students?

This article will explain how this is done and the best part is, you can implement the technique discussed in this article in your own training or coaching.

There are thousands of jobs available in the country. But often they go unnoticed. The reason is lack of advertisement.

I have often seen small companies rely on word of mouth or ads in local newspapers to get manpower. Some companies do not do even that and just wait to land someone on their lap automatically!

This disconnect has made sure that someone looking for a job, goes empty handed and then complain about unemployment!

If you have a training center then you can connect the job seeker to the provider.

You have to look out for companies and brands in their niche who may need manpower or are in need of manpower.

Prepare a list of companies and providers in the niche that you are providing training. The list will consist of local related businesses and brands. Finding local companies is easier and you do not have to spend much time after them.

Visit the companies or send someone. Contact the management of each company and offer manpower at a reduced cost. If you want you can offer the manpower for free too!

The trick here is to find related businesses. If you are providing IT training then choose IT companies in the list, if you are providing hospitality training then visit local service providers.

Not all companies will respond, but some will do. Offer them your best student(s) to gain good reputation.

Keep doing this for a couple of years and companies will queue up before your institute to get manpower.

Now you have multiple channels to push your students and keep on the promise of 100% job guarantee!

I have seen companies opening up a full time placement center using this technique. If you have a resources to meet the demands of a full time placement agency then this can be lucrative option too!

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