Digital Marketing Agencies – Make Sure to Offer These Points to Probable Clients

The first marketing company that I worked with claimed to be a full fledged agency. But they never gave the client options that I think should be included in every contract.

Clients have a right to know what is included in the package, and digital marketing agencies should oblige with the following points in their offer.

Point 1. The list of your previous clients. The list of clients in the same industry should be good but any client you worked with before makes the cut. This enhances your reputation and increases the client’s trust.

Point 2. Meeting the client’s goals. Explain how you propose to meet the client’s goals and objectives. This is a much overlooked aspect and should be included in the list.

Point 3. Outsourcing. You may not be able to handle all the stuff yourself and will be delegating some work. Mention how much of the work you will be outsourcing. This is something that is kept hidden most of the time for fear of being rejected. But being honest and upfront about it with client will only increase trust.

Point 4. Team. Your client has a right to know the people they will be working with. Mention the details of your team. Explicitly explain the details of each team member and their qualification. This goes a long way to build confidence on the part of the client.

Point 5. Frequency of meetings. Each project needs to be reviewed and revised from time to time. It needs inputs from the client and upgradation according to requirements. You need to point out frequency of such meetings before the project proceeds.

Point 6. Tools to use. During work on the project many tools are used. Mention which tools you will use for project management and take client permission. And also explain the workings of each tool that you will use during performing the work itself. Client will understand that you know the stuff very well.

Point 7. Scope of work. This one is very important. Clients should understand the range and scope of work to be performed. The work to be done should be bulleted list if possible or explained to client in details so that nothing more is expected. Take extra care to explain this point to avoid conflict in the future.

Point 8. Payment. How are your pricing the project. Hour wise/ Point wise/ Project basis. Each has its pros and cons. Choose whatever is suitable for you but be specific and mention how the payment will be made.

Above points more or less covers everything that a marketing agency can offer to client. There are minor variations that can be made according to the project needs.

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