Classifieds – Low Hanging Fruits to Get Traffic to Your Business

Any business needs traffic to survive. The traffic can be online or offline. There are various promotion tactics to get traffic.

Classifieds can be an effective source of getting traffic to your business – online and offline. I consider local classifieds to be the low hanging fruits that many businesses to do take care of. Their cost is lowly but returns are good enough to include in your marketing budget.

There are a few local classified sites that are huge traffic drivers. Register there. Choose a category to publish your ad, upload images of your business, put contact number and voila! You are in business!

Seriously, not all local classified sites are created equal. Over the years I have noticed that very few sites are worth it. One such site is Another is Yet another site is ( but nowadays they are putting more effort on pushing leads to publishers which can be a real turn off sometimes ).

Your strategy would be to first create a top class Advertisement for your business. Many people skip this important step. It is really important that the advertisement that you put out through classifieds in top notch. If you are not a marketer then go to or and ask a well reviwed marketer to create a copy of your advertisement.

Make sure to include eye catching high quality images of your business. Typically shots of people doing work if it is service business or product shots if it is a product business are good options. Get some professional images done and publish.

Armed with your quality advertisement you are now able to push it through different channels.

Some classified sites allow links. Insert your website link wherever possible. Most sites allow you to repeat the ad after certain time interval. Re-post when such opportunity arises. You will just need to check the option to repost in most cases.

Most sites have the option to buy placement at the top of category pages or at the home page. I consider the prices to be very cost effective. If you have the budget go for it. Customer acquisition cost is very high in many industries and if you get a chance to acquire new customers at a low price, then definitely take it.

You should definitely have a website for your business. Besides being able to take advantage of placing links on classifieds, you can write landing copies on your website to convert people to customers quickly.

Here are some local classified sites for your business:


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