A Very Low Cost Way to Promote your Small Business Locally

Today I am going to talk about a super low cost way to promote your business locally.

I have personally tried this method and it works 100%. If you are interested then please read on. I guarantee that at the end of it you will find a smooth way to expose your brand to more customers and clients.

If you are operating alone then this method can be great way to promote your business locally.

The method involves creating some business cards and distributing them locally in a way that is not too much pressure on you or your staff.

Create some business cards with your or your business name on it. Put in the full contact information. Create them in bulk so that you get some discount as well. Typically some 500 cards will cost you around Rs. 200 which is very cheap.

You will also need a vehicle. Any vehicle will do. It can be a bicycle, motorbike, car or any other means of transport. Just make sure that it is fully functional.

Visit complementary service providers. For example if your service is providing coaching services then visit people who offer stationery or books.

Here is a note for introverts who find it tough to initiate talks with people. Visit them and pretend to buy something. Do not actually buy, but just pretend to buy. Just make it look like you are looking for something which actually is not there. If it is actually present there then make a pretext of buying it later and just ask the price. This is a strategy I have employed myself to initiate talks with people.

Then leave the card with those complementary service providers. Ask them to forward it to anyone looking for services that you offer. Do not press. Just casually mention that you will be obliged if they do that.

For example – my business is digital marketing and web design. I created some business cards and visited local stores that offer printing and similar services.

I pretended to buy a banner and was looking for quotes. After discussions with the owner, I would casually leave my card to be forwarded to anyone who would be interested.

It took me around 2 weeks to distribute around 50 cards in a month. Not too much work. Just an hour every day and 3 – 4 cards distributed.

You will be surprised that 99 out of 100 people will take your card. The 1 that will not do – forget about that. A small bit of embarassment is fine while doing business!

I applied this tactic for my small business and got around 7 calls from 50 cards distributed! This stuff really works!

I have found very few people to be doing this. But this is a super easy and cost effective way to create awareness of your small business with people who really matter. Plus it is targeted too, so your conversion ratio is much higher than any other method!

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