A Super Low Cost Way to Advertise your Business

I look for marketing strategies in almost anything! When I go outside I look for the way businesses are trying to get attention.

In the past years I have seen many innovative ways to advertise a business. Some are super innocuous and will never work, while others are prepared with thought and planning.

Advertising costs money. Though there are ways to get exposure for free! But those require creativity on the business owners part.

I have seen such an innovative ideas to promote a business in the city I live in and today I am going to share the method I have seen first hand. But remember, this method works better in big cities!

The idea is super simple. It involves putting up banners on behalf of street vendors!

If you have been to any city in India, then you have certainly come across hoards of street vendors selling something. The main thing here is that these vendor sit in major intersections and crossings getting views of millions of people everyday.

One local company in a big city decided to use this phenomenon to their advantage. They started approaching the vendors and offered to make a nice banner for them.

The size of the banner varied from small to medium, never large. This is done to avoid problems with the local authority.

Then then inserted their own brand logo at the bottom. We have seen examples of such banners in no parking signs in front of houses.

I noticed that most vendors agreed to have a banner as it was free and gave them some form of importance!

The company got free advertising in this way. If they purchased a commercial banner in a busy street, that would certainly burn a big hole in their marketing budget. But doing this allowed them to reach millions of potential customers at a very low cost.

Why not use this tactic for your business too?

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